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the newsletter of the Sisters of the Lamb of God
The sisters had a yard sale for El Manantial, our
mission in Juarez, Mexico. We put the notification
in 4 parish bulletins in the Owensboro diocese to
advertise for donations for the yard sale.  We
started taking them in May.  We had also asked the
8th grade classes in the Catholic Middle School in
Owensboro if they would like to donate items. We
brought 1 plastic container for them to fill up.  
Mrs. Julie Renshaw told us that she hoped that 1
box would not be enough.  She was right!  When
we went to the school 3 weeks later they had 4
boxes ready for us!

Before long we started receiving more and more
items.  By the time we had the yard sale in August
we had 3 bedrooms, the garage, the conference
room and some in the hallway full of items.
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Owensboro Catholic Middle School students
donated books, clothes, and toys to our yard
sale for Juarez held in August and October.
The sale was set for Aug. 6th, the feast of the
transfiguration.  There was a transfiguration here all
right, but not the kind we hoped for.

We were ready!  We started out all right but then
came the rain.  It wasn’t a soft rain but a hard rain
for about 2 hours.  We didn’t sell much but we did
have a good time.    A week later we decided to try
again but only in the afternoon.  We did pretty well
that day even though it was only half a day.  We
decided to have another yard sale in October to sell
the winter items that we had received.  All the
monies we raised went to our mission in Mexico.
Our mission in Juarez was very appreciative of the support everyone gave them.  The monies raised went
to help the kids learn more on how to take care of themselves.  They discovered things that they didn’t
know they could do.

We thank everyone who supported the sisters in helping raise money for Juarez.  What is of great
importance in this project was the opportunities it offered us to meet new people, and to be met by
them.  We listened to their concerns and needs and continue to pray for them daily.  It was a wonderful
way to widen our circle of friends.
In September we welcomed a new candidate,
Miriam Kavanagh from Charlottesville, VA.  She
had come in May for 2 weeks to meet us and to
see how we lived our religious life and to see if
she had a vocation. Before she came to us she had
worked in journalism.  She is also a great help on
the computer.  Miriam has been up-dating our
website for the Sisters of the Lamb of God.   She
has been learning how to use our office book,
Christian Prayer. And other forms of prayer.
Jesus is everything for her.  Her enthusiasm in
learning all about Fr. René, our founder, and
about St. Ignatius of Loyola is a joy to behold.   
She has also been volunteering at the Pitino Homeless Shelter and The Help Office.  The Help Office
helps those that need help with clothes, food, bills, and other services.
Once Fr. René had found a house in Brest, France he asked women to join this order.  It was 1945 and
just after WWII.  He   decided to call them The Servants of the Lamb of God.  Fr. René knew that his
order would be unique.  It would have sisters that were healthy and sisters that were physically
disabled.  They would live together in religious life and learn from each other how to serve together.  
At first the sisters were very
poor.  They went house to
house selling books of
meditations that Fr. René had
written on the gospels.  They
also depended on the support
of the local people.  They  had
a garden and fruit trees to eat
from.  One of them even
brought a cow with her.  They
fixed up Ker Jean so that they
could live in it.  This is what
Ker Jean looks like now.  It is
very beautiful.
We also have a dual spirituality.  We have the Ignatian spirituality and we have spirituality of St.
Thérèse of the little flower. At the time that Fr. René started the Servants of the Lamb of God St.
Thérèse was very popular.  Fr. René wanted to incorporate it with the Ignatian spirituality and it
worked very well.  
This was written by Sister Marlene in November 1997 of her trip back to our Motherhouse in Brest..
Sister Marlene helps with Rainbow Homes.  It is a complex where those with disabilities are able
to live on their own with some help. There are now 19 residents in the 3 apartment complexes
owned by Rainbow Homes.  Eleven more live independently in nearby apartment complexes.  
Rainbow Homes also offers day and overnight respite to adults with disabilities who live in the
greater Lansing area.  The annual Silent Auction continues to be a huge success, and throughout the
year Sister Marlene makes crafts to sell at this auction.  The board continues to meet monthly at
Rainbow Homes.  Besides being represented on the board, the residents volunteer their time in
their community by serving meals in the kitchens, stacking pantry shelves, delivering food baskets
at Thanksgiving and hosting an annual Christmas dinner for all the volunteers.  For more
information about Rainbow Homes, visit:   
Our hearts go out to those throughout the country who suffer from unemployment.  In a sense, we
have had the opportunity of being ever truly united with them as two of our own sisters who work
for an agency find themselves with very little employment.  They work for a health home care
agency.  With the economic conditions of our time fewer families have financial resources to pay
such agencies for care.  

The situation is a great opportunity for re-examining our life styles, our values, and strengthening
our faith and solidarity with the poor.  There is joy in this.  This is the way of the Gospel.  When
we learn to live with less, we learn to open wider the treasures of the essentials of what it really
means to live, to be happy and at peace. We discover the power of faith and hope.

Our prayers are with all who are struggling with economic and unemployment issues.  
The Sisters of the Lamb of God have two small
communities in the United States, but they are
both located in Owensboro, KY.  Consequently we
are not very well known in other parts of the
Our website does help to speak for us.  
However, we wish to become known personally
elsewhere.  We are reaching out to other dioceses to
share with them the charism and spirituality of our

We have begun to work with the Vocation office of
the Louisville, KY diocese and have plans to do the
same in the Evansville, IN diocese.  This is only
the beginning.  

The Church is very much in need of more priestly
and religious vocations today.  Such vocations are
prophetic witnesses for the people of God.  We
live in the spirit of confidence and trust which
enabled the Blessed Mother to be so meek and
humble and supportive of her Son, Jesus Christ.  
Pray for vocations daily.
Prayer is to welcome the Lord’s
initiative.  His Spirit touches
us.  Through our limitations and
weaknesses, the Spirit fashions
in us Christ’s way of acting and
loving as a meek and humble
Servant.  It is in contemplating
God, living and acting, that we
are able to deepen our view of
faith on the totality of all
human reality.

-Rule of Life, The Constitution
of the Congregation of the
Sisters of the Lamb of God
Your prayerful and financial support of our mission works and our formation program are greatly
appreciated.  Your intention cards are kept in our chapel and prayed for throughout the year. We
invite you to continue sharing in our various ministries by your donation, friendship, and prayers.
May the simple loving life of the Holy Family
bring you true peace, joy and hope in the coming year.  
Please print out the form below and mail your donation to:
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